Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (I-WASH) project

I-WaSH Project is implemented by Caritas Moroto Diocese with funding from Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Co-funded by Sign of Hope (SOH) titled to improve access to water, sanitation facilities and hygiene practices in disadvantaged rural communities of Karamoja.  The project is for three years; December 2020 to March 2024.

It focuses on 3 project output areas; of gaining equitable access to safe, diversified and sustainable water sources for multiple use (including, domestic consumption, hygiene), secondly improve access to hygiene measures and adequate sanitary facilities in 40 target communities (villages and clusters of Manyattas)  and finally strengthen the administrative capacities of the local authorities and water management structures so that they can effectively advocate for sustainable, integrative WASH services for the disadvantaged population in Karamoja.

The project focusses on 55,200 (28,366 females and 26,834 males) direct beneficiaries of vulnerable rural households in 40 target villages in the 4 Sub-counties of Loroo, Amudat in Amudat district and Lorengedwat and Lolachat in Nabilatuk district with the project anticipation to ‘spill over’ and its ‘multiplicity’ of the positive effects of this action to reach out to additional 44,160 indirect beneficiaries mainly from the 32 villages surrounding the project implementation area.

The following are the activities implemented and accomplished  by 2024;

In output 1, the project supported;

  • Drilling of five (5) boreholes
  • Rehabilitation of over 30 boreholes
  • Construction of five (10) rain water harvesting tanks in selected schools and Health centers in Amudat and Nabilatuk district
  • Training of Water User Committees
  • Training and equipping of Hand Pump Mechanics
  • Upgrading of four hand pumps into motorized solar powered systems in Katabok & Loborokocha Primary Schools in Amudat then Natirae Health Centre & Kamaturu Primary school in Nabilatuk district
  • Construction of four water pond integrated with apiary, kitchen gardens and planting of fruit and shade tree seedlings

In output 2, the project supported;

  • Construction of traditional pit latrines in households in the 40 villages
  • Building capacity and support of Village Health Teams (VHTs)
  • Carried out Home Improvement Campaigns
  • Carried out Social Behavioural Change communication through radio talk-shows and radio spot messages
  • ODF verification and certification

In Output 3; the project  supported;

  • Mass awareness on hygiene and sanitation for 10 institutions; WaSH clubs in Alakas & Loroo Primary schools including Achorichor, Loroo & Alakas Health centers in Amudat. In Nabilatuk; Naweet Primary School, Lolachat Health Centre, Lolachat Primary School, Natirae Health Centre and Lorengedwat Health Centre
  • Training of  Local Government Representatives on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Training of  vulnerable groups on inclusion on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.