Provide girls with Pads!

Girls in Nakapiripirit Primary, a school we support has registered a decline in daily attendance this term. Senior Woman, confirms that it is because they feel ashamed to come to school during their menstrual periods.

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Throughout Karamoja Sub-region, women and children especially girls have faced enormous challenges as regards to reproductive health. Alot of criticism has been their daily order, not only in their local communities but also at their homes. The anormally as perceived so by the male counterparts cripples most of the economic productivity of the female gender in a typical Karimojong homestead, were women do most of the household chores not to mention economic activities apart from herding. 

In response to this vice, we are calling on you to partner with us and give a pad for each girl. Thankfully you can help them cope and build better lives. 

With your donation you can help girls triumph in school and build better communities from within, now, and for years to come


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