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We envision a dignified, peaceful and self-reliant communities in Moroto Diocese


To form and then strand capacity or resource-poor homesteads to ENSURE sustainable livelihoods and human development guided by love, respect and commitment


Our story starts way back in 1981

The origin of Caritas dates far back in the Bible times as recorded in Acts 6: 2-3. In the early times of Christianity, aid distribution was assigned to a special team of people. Subsequently, as society progressed, different countries started Caritas offices. In 1897, a national Caritas was founded in Germany and was followed by Switzerland in 1901. In 1950, Pope Paul convoked all the Catholic organizations involved in charitable and social works to address the worsening post World War II problems. This marked the birth of the international confederation of Catholic charities which later became Caritas International in 1957. In 1999, the Uganda Episcopal Conference adopted the name Caritas to represent its Social Services and Development (SSD) Departments.


Caritas Moroto was created in 1981 as the socio-economic and humanitarian services development arm of Moroto Catholic DioceseIt currently operates in the districts of Moroto, Amudat, Nakapiriprit, Napak and Nabilatuk. It initially offered services as a relief agency to avert catastrophes during times of calamities and food shortages. Later, it appropriated the oversight role for all Diocesan development programs and projects. It implemented key agricultural schemes in four wetter areas of former greater Karamoja sub-region. The first needs assessment conducted in 1992 and 1993, profiled four priority areas for intervention namely: peace, agriculture, education and water.

Mr. Lowalem Daniel-Director

Thank you so much for visiting us online. We hope that you will come on board and rally with us towards bringing change among the lives of the people in Karamoja Sub-region. Our daily efforts in this noble cause remind us of where we started from way back in 1981. With the able love of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have been able to support our local communities! “

Core Functions

Core Values

At Caritas Moroto Diocese, we design and deliver tailored programs to our local communities based on seven core values. This is to ensure that our programs are direct, transparent and tailored to the needs of the people we serve.

Forgiveness & Reconciliation

We promote “letting go” of the need to revenge and releasing negative thoughts of bitterness and resentment; restoration of friendly relations and key actions that make the views and beliefs compatible with one another.

Transparency & Accountability

We operate in an accessible and open environment in dealing with all partners in a mutual way. It takes full responsibility for its actions and is answerable to all its stakeholders


We execute all its activities in consonance with its partners in an honest and truthful manner, and takes all reasonable measures to prevent willful wrong doing by its management and staff

Respect for Human Rights

We appreciate the views held on issues of importance by every individual and organization

Equality & Equity

We promote gender participation, equity, stakeholder involvement, and all-inclusive approach to tackling whatever we engages in

Team work & Institutional Partnerships

We uphold that it can only make a contribution as there are always others to add value along the chain and will at all times work in partnership with others.

Mutual Respect

We appreciate capacities and limitation of other partners; being proactive, sharing skills and providing peer support

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Achi Charles

Finance Manager


Human Resource Manager

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